The term Technopreneurship is a combination of the words ‘technology’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. A new type of technology-related entrepreneurship in which both domains are included. However, unlike entrepreneurship which may often be a one-person show task, it requires tech-savvy, creative, strong, and imaginative people who can take on a calculated risk.  A technopreneur in today’s world starts their business with more than a contrivance notion. They inspect current methods and consider some fresh plans for doing things differently. Therefore, technopreneurship involves the formation of a product or solution that retainer technology solutions to transform the way people do things in a conventional method. No doubt, Technopreneurs play a significant role in the economy because they use technology to create ideas and improve goods, services, and manufacturing processes. They are working for advancing in the corporate world by enabling virtual workspaces throughout the world. Therefore, people who are into technopreneurship create products that are simple to comprehend and utilize in an effective manner.

We have great examples of such creative mind people who does such achievements in technology and succeed. Every great concept has a basic beginning. But the only way to activate and transform it into a finished product is to pursue it relentlessly. Then, fill it out on a regular basis. Although the sector seems competitive, but a little ingenuity in what you do can assure your success. There were various social media sites that were prominent before Facebook, Uber, and Snapchat, but several have since vanished due to their inability to compete. this is where your skills matter. If you have the ability to take risks and work with technology with a creative innovation that has the power to turn the spotlight towards you- Go for IT and Make sure that your tech products are commercially viable.

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