Technology is expanding at a higher rate. Unlike virtual reality, which can recreate and replace an entire real-life environment with a virtual one, Augmented reality is all about enriching an image of the real world with computer-generated images or digital information. It seeks to change perception by adding video, infographics, images, sound, and other related details. Augmented Reality is the technology that overlaps real-world objects and environments with 3D virtual objects using an AR device and allows the virtual to interact with the real-world objects to create intended meanings. Augmented reality continues to develop and become more pervasive among various applications in a shorter period. Since its conception, technology firms have had to battle the perception that augmented reality is little more than a marketing tool. However, there is a prediction that consumers are beginning to derive tangible benefits from this technology and expect it as part of their purchasing process. Augmented technology allows real-time augmentation, which takes place within the context of the environment. Animations, images, video shots, and 3D models can make users see objects in natural and synthetic light. Today, virtual fitting rooms can help decrease purchase returns and improve purchase decisions made by buyers. Salespeople can produce and publish interesting branded AR content and insert ads in them so people can get to know their products when they watch the content. It improves engagement as well.  In manufacturing, AR markers on images of many manufacturing equipment help project managers remotely. It reduces the need to use digital maps and plants. Developing their own branded applications is one of the most common ways companies engage with AR technology. Companies can still place ads on third-party AR platforms and content, buy licenses on developed software, or rent spaces for their AR content and audiences. Developers can use AR development platforms such as ARKit and ARCore to integrate applications.

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