Strategy Tips for Ludo Champions

Strategy Tips for Ludo Champions


Ludo, a classic board game, is a favorite pastime for many. While it may seem like a game of pure luck, there are strategic elements that can significantly increase your chances of winning. Whether you’re playing casually with friends or aiming to be a Ludo champion, these strategy tips will enhance your gameplay and help you dominate the board.

Understanding the Basics

Know the Rules

Before diving into strategies, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand the rules of Ludo. Each player has four tokens, and the objective is to move all your tokens from the starting point to the home column. Rolling a six allows you to bring a new token onto the board or move an existing one. Being strategic about when and how you move your tokens is key to winning.

Recognize the Objective

The primary goal in Ludo is to get all your tokens into the home column before your opponents. However, secondary objectives, such as blocking your opponents and protecting your tokens, are equally important for a successful game.

Key Strategies for Ludo Success

Prioritize Safety

One of the most critical strategies in Ludo is keeping your tokens safe. Always try to move your tokens to safe zones, which are typically the colored spots on the board. These safe zones prevent your tokens from being captured by your opponents.

Spread Out Your Tokens

Rather than concentrating all your efforts on one token, spread your tokens across the board. This strategy allows you to have multiple opportunities to capture your opponents’ tokens and increases your chances of getting at least one token into the home column.

Utilize the Six Wisely

Rolling a six is a significant advantage in Ludo. You can either bring a new token into play or advance an existing one. Deciding when to do which can change the course of the game. If you have tokens on the board that are close to the home column, focus on moving them forward. If all your tokens are already in play, use the six to bring your tokens closer to safety.

Be Aggressive, But Cautious

Capturing your opponents’ tokens sends them back to the starting point, giving you a significant advantage. However, being overly aggressive can leave your tokens vulnerable. Balance aggression with caution to ensure you don’t jeopardize your tokens’ safety.

Form Strategic Alliances

In a multiplayer game, forming temporary alliances with other players can be beneficial. Working together to block or capture a leading player’s tokens can shift the game’s balance. Remember, these alliances are temporary and should be approached with caution.

Advanced Tactics

Counting Moves

Experienced players often count the spaces between their tokens and their opponents’ tokens. This tactic helps in planning moves that either place your tokens in safe zones or position them to capture your opponents’ tokens. Counting moves ahead can give you a strategic edge.

Delaying Tactics

If you are close to winning, sometimes it’s beneficial to delay moving your tokens into the home column. This tactic can keep your tokens on the board longer, allowing you to capture more of your opponents’ tokens and disrupt their plans.


While Ludo is a game of numbers and moves, psychological tactics can also play a role. Bluffing your opponents into thinking you will make a particular move, only to change it at the last moment, can create confusion and lead to mistakes on their part.


Winning at Ludo involves a blend of luck and strategy. By prioritizing safety, spreading out your tokens, wisely using the six, balancing aggression with caution, and forming temporary alliances, you can significantly enhance your chances of becoming a Ludo champion. Advanced tactics like counting moves, delaying, and bluffing can further give you the competitive edge. Practice these strategies, stay adaptable, and enjoy the game!


Q: Can you win at Ludo purely by luck?

A: While luck plays a role in the dice rolls, strategic movement and decision-making significantly influence the outcome of the game. Skilled players can consistently perform better by applying strategic principles.

Q: What is the best strategy for beginners?

A: Beginners should focus on keeping their tokens safe by moving them to safe zones and spreading them out across the board. Prioritizing safety and understanding the basic rules are key initial steps.

Q: How important is rolling a six in Ludo?

A: Rolling a six is crucial as it allows you to either bring a new token into play or move an existing one. Making the most of your sixes by deciding the best action to take can greatly impact your gameplay.

Q: Should I always aim to capture my opponents’ tokens?

A: Capturing opponents’ tokens can be beneficial, but it’s important to balance aggression with caution. Leaving your tokens vulnerable in the process can backfire, so always consider the risks.

Q: Can forming alliances be a good strategy?

A: Forming temporary alliances can be advantageous, especially in multiplayer games. Collaborating to hinder a leading player can shift the game’s dynamics, but alliances should be approached with caution as they are temporary.

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