Hologram has became a new debate in the technology sectors. Which deliver an exceptional representation of the 3D world around us by shifting a new perspective on the viewer’s position, and they allow the eye to adjust the focal depth to alternately focus on foreground and background. Holography is a unique method of photography whereby 3D objects are recorded using a laser and then restored as precisely as possible to match the originally recorded object. When illuminated via a laser, holograms are able to form an exact 3D clone of the object and duplicate its features. To produce an accurate visualization of a hologram at a certain point in space, two light waves must be coordinated in motion

In simple terms, hologram technology is a three-dimensional projection that can be seen without using any special equipment such as cameras or glasses. The image can be viewed from any angle, so as the user walks around the display the object will appear to move and shift realistically. Holographic images can be static, such as a picture of a product, or they may be animated sequences which can be watched by multiple people from any viewpoint. The technology used to capture and project holograms have advanced rapidly in recent years. These latest techniques allow increasingly convincing and interactive models to be displayed and are expected to become even more widespread in the future. Medical hologram technology will allow a complete 3D visualization of internal organs and body parts. This will allow doctors a greater ability to examine diseases and injuries in individual patients and will lead to more accurate diagnoses. Holographic entertainment is no longer simply a science fiction dream. One of the most visible applications of this technology in recent years has been its use in concerts. Stars from the past can be resurrected to perform once again, and even accompany modern artists live on stage. These displays can also be used for live performances where the musicians are not physically present, instead transmitting their image to appear before the audience.

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