Scammers are one of the most common security challenges that individuals and companies face nowadays in keeping their information secure. Whether getting access to passwords, credit cards, or other important details, hackers use email, social media sites, phone calls, and any form of communication to steal valuable data. Businesses, of course, are their particularly worthwhile target.  If a phishing scammer acquires the email credentials of high-profile leadership, they’ll likely target anyone they can using that email address. Their potential targets would-be colleagues, team members, and even customers. Scammers update their tactics to keep up with the latest news or trends. Still, various common tactics are used in phishing emails or text messages to manipulate users and hack their personal information.

You have come across various phishing emails and text messages which often tell a story to trick you into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. You might get an unexpected email or text message that looks like a professional email from a company you know or trust, like a bank, market, credit card, or an online payment website or app. Unfortunately, there is a high chance that the message could be from a scammer.

Firewalls are effectively acting as a shield between your computer and an attacker. Both desktop firewalls and network firewalls, when used together, can enhance your security and reduce the chances of a hacker infiltrating your data. Receiving numerous update messages can be frustrating and tempting to put them off or ignore them altogether. Don’t do this. Security patches and updates are released for a reason, most commonly to keep up to date with modern cyber-attack methods by patching holes in security. If you don’t update your browser, you could risk phishing attacks through known vulnerabilities that could have been easily avoided. Sites without security certificates may not be intended for phishing scams, Don’t give your information to an unsecured site.

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