The covid-19 outburst has impacted us in various areas of life or almost everything but the most important part we all have lost in this disaster is our hierarchy of needs which is closely linked with our work life. The global economy is facing a severe crisis and every single individual is affected by it. In such circumstances, when nobody was allowed to meet, and work together, almost every organization decided to shift their work module from physical to online which is usually called remote work in which an employee will be working from his home during working hours. Although this technique or suggestion seems like a blessing to many of us but, every blessing has its own curse. Remote working has also some demerits which are being neglected. During the pandemic when everyone was bound to home and needed a space to relax, this remote work process made them more stressed about their work. The employees who didn’t know the usage of new technology were badly disturbed, and the new employees lost their jobs. The ones whose work was related to physical places were stopped. In short, almost every individual faced a financial crisis and workload during this pandemic. And even now, big organizations are still working on remote or hybrid models. They aren’t hiring employees either which is badly affecting the self-esteem of the young generation who had high ambitions to work with such organizations. This has not only interrupted the hiring process but the economical condition as well. And a lot of negative concerns have been observed throughout this pandemic in the employees including burnout, financial anxiety, difficulty assessing tasks, stress, and anxiety, lack of productivity at work, and unmonitored performance which further leads to miscommunication in results and feedback.

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