The pandemic has created several issues including the basic necessary limitations in businesses. The Labor crisis is one of them which is affecting the whole world and the situation is worse for small business owners, some of whom have closed their businesses because they have not been able to pay the desired wages to maintain their staff.

The world escalating crisis risks exacerbating the law and order situation as people all over the world take to the sheets in the hardest hardest-hit. Moreover, the crisis has hit telecom companies hard, with effects likely on the upcoming technologies and businesses. Therefore, the labor crisis spawned several new risks. The underlying cause of the cause crisis somehow relates to poor productivity and low investment levels. In short, a large extended deficit causes a full-blown crisis. All over the world, entrepreneurs have witnessed some phenomenon crises they have never experienced before. During the pandemic reshuffling jobs that require personal attendance had lower wages, therefore, the owners had a more difficult time retaining workers things are not very much better in the united kingdom, Indonesia, and other several countries where there is a low population growth rate, therefore, they have a tough situation currently in their job sectors. While this situation must be difficult for the high-skilled workers but it also enables a great chance for the low-skilled to work on their future aspirations. As a labor exporting country, Pakistan should be paying close attention to such circumstances and should take advantage of the dearth of workers abroad. This can turn out to be a great employment opportunity for the skilled workers in Pakistan and other countries to set abroad. Highly skilled workers in Pakistan should work on their skills and spruce up their resumes on LinkedIn and other relevant platforms as the worldwide labor crisis has made other countries eager to work with Pakistan.  

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