Technology is growing faster and new technologies are helping individuals to socialize and making their life more interesting. New websites has been introduced in the past couple of months and Reddit is one of them which is currently being used worldwide. Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and you can find pretty much anything there. But if you’re not sociable with it, Reddit at first can seem like a confusing mess of language, symbols, and all weird content but it is a social sharing website and It’s built around users capitulate links, pictures, and text, which everyone can then vote on. Based on these votes, the best content rises to the top, while down voted content becomes less visible and could be deleted. When you visit Reddit’s homepage when you are not registered yet, you’ll see a feed of trending posts from various sub-pages. You can click on a post’s title to open it and read the comments, see the full-sized image, or visit the link as well

Next to every Reddit post, you’ll see a number that represents its score, along with an up arrow and a down arrow for the voting procedure. These allow you to up vote or down vote content. Up voting means that you think more people should see this post or that a comment comes up with the conversation. Down voting means that you don’t think the post is useful or important for others to see, or that a comment is irrelevant which will surely impact the rank of that content but this is how REDDIT WORKS.

This simple system (along with a few behind-the-scenes algorithms) decides what becomes popular on Reddit. If a post receives enough points on its own sub reddit, it might make it to the front page of Reddit for everyone to see. Therefore, your popularity depends on the voting and your content. This is why creators are not happy with this advanced website and sharing negative reviews about Reddit, at least in the US, seeing the most negative feedback. 

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